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Home Care Assistance of San Mateo

San Mateo’s First Choice for Senior Home Care and Elder Care Services

For over fifteen years, Home Care Assistance and our experienced caregivers have served seniors and their families with exceptional home care.

We provide older adults in San Mateo and the broader community with one-on-one support that allows them to live safely and independently at home.

As the premier home care provider in San Mateo, we have the deepest employee roster of skilled and compassionate caregivers. As a result, our Client Care Managers are able to match our clients to caregivers not only based on their home care needs, but also their personalities and interests. We offer high quality assisted living where seniors most prefer: at home.

Our 24/7 Guarantee means that we will be there when you need us – days, nights and weekends. Call us today to learn more or visit our office in San Mateo.

We offer high quality, personalized care where seniors most prefer: at home.

Hourly Care

By helping with daily activities, our caregivers enable clients to maintain their normal daily routines.

24 Hour Care

Those living with dementia or who are homebound due to physical limitations benefit greatly from 24 hour care.

Specialized Care

Our caregivers have experience with advanced care needs and training in the more complicated conditions that affect older adults.

Free Consultation

Your local team of Client Care Managers are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and work with you to design a customized plan.

Concierge Support From Our Care Team.

Our Care Team members make all the difference. Each client and his or her family works with a Client Care Manager who is available to answer questions, help with care transitions and ensure our high quality standards are met throughout the length of service. We also offer clients full staffing support and community liaisons to ensure we are there to help no matter what our aging clients may need.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying About Home Care Assistance

The company is extremely professional and easy to work with. I have been impressed by the programs they deliver to seniors, as well as their extensive expertise on keeping seniors happy and healthy in their homes. When my uncle was home for his last days, we employed Home Care Assistance and could not have been happier with the sincere caregiving and overall assistance the home care professionals provided at all hours, 24/7 for those few weeks. Thank you all!


The management and commitment to quality service is top-notch at Home Care Assistance. You can feel safe entrusting the care of your loved ones to their thoroughly vetted, skilled and compassionate caregivers.


A caregiver from Home Care Assistance has been assisting my parents for several weeks. She is a huge encouragement to my parents, who are in their 80’s and are facing my Mom's terminal illness. She is cheerful, caring, engaging, and kind. She is great at encouraging my Dad in how to best care for Mom's colostomy, showing him how she does it and helping him keep supplies stocked. My parents eagerly await her arrival each morning and brag about how great she is to anyone who will listen. She prepares appetizing meals for Mom and has a great sense for when to spend time with Mom and when to attend to household needs. Our caregiver is sensitive to Mom's good days and bad days, not pushing her too hard when Mom isn't up to it but encouraging her to maintain her strength when she is able to exercise a bit. Thank you so much for providing excellent support during a very difficult time for my family. Thank you even more for providing my parents with a caregiver who brings joy, compassion, expertise and encouragement. All our family members are 1,000 or more miles away, so knowing that our caregiver is "on the job" helps ease our minds between our visits. You have our heartfelt gratitude.


The home health aides provided when I returned home from a rehab facility recovering from fractured bones due to a bad fall were extremely helpful and knowledgeable with regard to personal care, helping with meals and taking me to appointments when necessary. The office staff was always available to handle any problems and provided excellent advice.


When you enter the maze of finding good in-home care for your elderly parent, it can be quite daunting. But with just one short phone call with the team at Home Care Assistance, all my troubles melted away! My dad was discharged on a Saturday after a two-week hospitalization. My hubby and I had a rough night trying to watch Dad ourselves. I called Home Care Assistance on Sunday at 8:00am and they staffed the job the same day, even though it was New Year's Day! Every caregiver has been fantastic. Once you find a caregiver whom you really bond with, the company will do everything in their power to keep sending that particular caregiver. I have a day and a night-time caregiver, and they're the only reason I'm half sane now!


Home Care Assistance was great in setting up at-home care for my father on short notice following his brief hospitalization. He had a strong desire to return home instead of staying in a nursing home. They worked with my father to provide 24/7 home care assistance for the first couple of weeks that he was back home, then gradually cut back as he needed less care. They also helped with transportation since he was not allowed to drive his own car. Since I do not live locally, the staff was in contact with me every day to provide status updates. I can't thank them enough for their caring and help.


Home Care Assistance has been such a relief to me! I know that my mom is in good hands. They took the time to get to know her and found a caregiver who would work well with my mom. The communication is clear and rapid. I feel so thankful for this company and love that it feels like a family business!


My husband and I never expected to need home care at 68 years of age. He had a hip replacement and a few days later I herniated a disc while helping him lift his leg. Neither one of us could help ourselves or the other person. The day it happened we called Home Care Assistance and after an interview in our home, that evening we had a caregiver with us. From the beginning we had very competent caregivers 24/7; there was never a shift that was not covered. We had the usual needs and also the requirement that the caregiver keep our two golden retrievers away from us and let them out to our backyard multiple times daily. Our caregivers were never idle. Unasked, they vacuumed, did laundry, played with our dogs, made shopping lists, and even shopped. We could not have been happier to have them in our home. We felt safe and cared for at all times. Last night was their last shift and we both miss them already.


We hired Home Care Assistance for my father's needs resulting from Parkinson's disease and we could not be more pleased with the service that we have received. We asked for a male caregiver because my mother did not want a female caregiver giving my dad his baths in the morning and they made sure that we got a regular male caregiver. Our caregiver is wonderful; he is a hard worker, friendly and trustworthy. He has managed to develop a great relationship with my dad – possibly because my dad is a retired Coast Guard captain and he is a retired Philippines Air Force pilot. He has no problem doing the “dirty work” and regularly provides shopping lists of items he needs to do his job.


My husband and I have used Home Care Assistance for 10 months now and I am very impressed with the high caliber of the caregivers plus the above-and-beyond assistance of the office staff. I would very highly recommend Home Care Assistance; the staff is responsible and caring and it is a well run, top notch organization.


A big thank you to Home Care Assistance for providing a skilled, compassionate caregiver to help my 93-year-old mother while she recovered from hip surgery. Although it was a challenging situation for several reasons, the caregiver did an excellent job overseeing my mother's daily prescribed exercises and walks to build up her strength. The Home Care Assistance staff was always available and responsive and worked hard to find us the best fit for my mother's condition and personality. We couldn't have gotten through that difficult period without the caregiver. I would highly recommend Home Care Assistance Burlingame for anyone looking for care for a loved one.

Bill W.

We are so glad we used Home Care Assistance. We called and had immediate service. My mom needed immediate support and there was no delay from when my mom got out of rehab to when she went home. Thanks to that support, mom is now independent. I would highly recommend Home Care Assistance to any family. It takes the worry away because you know your loved one is taken care of.


I am so grateful to Home Care Assistance. I had to find home care urgently for my uncle when we got close to his discharge from a short-term rehab facility. the Care Manager from Home Care Assistance came to the rehab facility the next day and assessed my uncle. Then the following day, when he went home, we had a caregiver waiting for him. There were many times when we had to make changes to our plan. The changes were made quickly, professionally and seamlessly. The Care Manager always responded right away, anytime. It gave me great piece of mind to know that my uncle was cared for. This company is professional and efficient. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs home care for their family.


I recently contacted Home Care Assistance to care for my mom, who spent some time in the hospital and in a skilled nursing facility. As soon as I met the Care Manager from Home Care Assistance, I felt at ease with the services they would provide. She is extremely caring, professional, accessible, and responsive. My mom needed stand-by assist while continuing her rehabilitation at home. The team was accommodating to our schedule and was able to split hours with two caregivers to minimize overtime. They were able to find caregivers with the right personality for my mom. One caregiver in particular was extremely understanding, responded in the right way to mom's needs, and had a great personality fit with mom and the physical therapists and nurses that came by for visits. If I had to hire a caregiver again, she would be our top pick! If it weren't for the Home Care Assistance team, my mom probably wouldn't have gotten the confidence she needed to recuperate this quick. Having a person there during the day to stand-by and help when needed, without interfering with mom's independence, was very important. Thank you Home Care Assistance for understanding and being responsive to our needs!


We needed in-home care for my 88-year-old mother following rotator cuff surgery. The Home Care Assistance team spent time answering all our questions up front and stayed in touch through the whole process. It is comforting to know we can call on them again if another need arises.


This is the very best care you can get for a loved one on the Peninsula. When my mom was released from the hospital after pneumonia, I needed a caregiver the next day. In this difficult and emotional time, the team at Home Care Assistance was very helpful and accommodating. They had an excellent caregiver for us the next day. My mom bonded with her very quickly. We had two caregivers and they were both outstanding. They recorded notes every day about the care provided in a journal and did a terrific job bathing and grooming my mom. They prepared delicious healthy meals including homemade chicken soup! Caregiving is clearly the top priority for Home Care Assistance.


My 94-year-old father, who lives with us, fell in the backyard (yes he's active!) and dislocated and shattered his shoulder. He had surgery locally and while still in the hospital, had a heart attack. We finally brought him home ten days ago after setting up 24/7 care with Home Care Assistance. Frankly, I was not sure how it would work out having caregivers in the house. It's actually been wonderful. We have exceptional caregivers and outstanding service. A small group of caregivers split the shifts and they have gone above and beyond our expectations. They are kind, gentle and help in all sorts of ways. Dad, who is very clear-headed, really enjoys visiting with them and swapping stories as they work towards making him independent and strong once again.


I worked with Home Care Assistance for about six months to care for my mom. Their management staff was highly responsive and engaged, working proactively to best manage a caregiver team. After some fine tuning, we found a phenomenal primary caregiver for my mom. She was incredible.The team worked hard to provide only the best for me and my mother.


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Our Company Culture Touches Everything We Do

Our Caregivers are the Heart and Soul of Our Company

Our Innovative Programs Elevate The Aging Experience

Find Us

339 Primerose Rd.

Burlingame, CA 94401

Total Peace of Mind

We understand the trust you place in us, and do everything possible to ensure that the home care experience is worry-free for all concerned.

Community Connections

We are the trusted partner of reputable care professionals in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on connecting our clients to the care solutions they need - even if it's outside our service offerings.

Elevated Quality of Life

Our Balanced Care Method? emphasizes healthy mind, body, and spirit. We believe that with the proper care, we can help older family members live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives.

Trusted Care Expertise

We are experts in all aspects of home care, from family dynamics to nutrition, around-the-clock care to dementia. And we train our caregivers accordingly.

Committed To Our Clients

We believe the best way to deliver exceptional care is to focus on building long-term, trusting relationships between caregivers, seniors, and their families.

High Quality Care

We go above and beyond to deliver concierge-level care for clients who want, and expect, the very best for their aging loved ones.

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